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Plated: A Lifetime Love Affair with Food by Tina Duncan

Cook, caterer and cooking school tutor Tina Duncan generously shares her favourite recipes in a stunning cookbook that will become your ultimate kitchen companion. With a foreword by Maggie Beer, Plated has delicious recipes and all the tips on how to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with people you care about.

The recipes in this book are ones you will return to again and again, and they transcend fashions that come and go in the food world. Who could resist small bites for pre-dinner drinks such as Anchovy Cream Cheese Straws or Turkish Cheese Pastries? For Soups and Starters, I couldn’t look past the comforting Chicken and Corn Soup, with reminders of my own family’s home cooking, and as Tina says in her book, the Goat’s Cheese Croquettes and Beetroot Relish are a classic combo for a very good reason.

The Salad & Vegetable section is sure to be well used with fabulous dishes like Chicken & Orange Summer Salad and A Green Iceberg Wedge, both of which were hits. And the Meat & Fish dishes are truly extraordinary. Anyone for A Slow Braise of Duck and Pinot Noir, or Slow-Cooked Aromatic Lamb? The Dessert section is just as impressive, and the Chocolate-Glazed Coconut Cake is to die for!

What I enjoyed the most from the impressive hardback is all of Tina’s tips so you can create these incredible dishes but still have plenty of time with your guests. Who wants to be slaving in the kitchen when you have fun socialising? There is a real sense of enjoyment with family and friends in Plated, and Tina has been extraordinarily generous with this special book.

Plated is truly superb and the photography is outstanding. This cookbook is definitely a keeper.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Camberdown Press, RRP $60


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