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Pinot & Puha by Nikki Perry and Kirsty Roby

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Described as a modern-day take on Jane Austen’s Pride in Prejudice, this tale is set in Wellington, New Zealand.

Mel is determined to make her new bookshop a success. She’s recently opened the store of her dreams with her best friend Ellie. Their vision is more than just a bookshop; they are also offering wine and cheese evenings in an attempt to run a business that will be valued by the community.

But there are obstacles at every turn. There is the construction site nearby causing problems, a boutique owner next door who is constantly complaining about everything Mel does, family members who are causing problems with the questionable art they want to display in Mel’s bookshop, and then confusing incidents of vandalism.

To top things off, Mel isn’t interested in having a man in her life, but her good-looking landlord seems to want more than just rent from her. Everyone thinks he would be a good catch, but she inexplicably has a growing attraction to the grumpy but very sexy builder working next door.

Pinot & Puha is a light-hearted romp, the perfect comfort read on a lazy afternoon. Who could resist a novel set in a lovely local bookshop with quirky characters and some unfolding romance?

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Pink Van Publishing


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