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Petal Power by Julia Atkinson-Dunn

Recently, I visited my friend Anna’s boutique pick your own flower garden and was inspired by the experience. Then, I discovered Petal Power, which encourages readers to reconnect with nature and regardless of garden size, have a go!

Julia reflects on her own journey as a beginner gardener in New Zealand. Gardening is similar to baking, she says. Everyone has tips on how to do it best, but ultimately its mixing ingredients and hoping for the best.

“What I’ve discovered is that it’s not nearly as complicated as I thought as a non-gardener. There are only so many ways to get a plant to grow and most will win or fail with no explanation. I’ve learnt that gardening gets easier with each season, each mistake and each opening bloom…”

Petal Power includes a substantial guide to getting started including plant types, planning your planting, growing, caring for your garden and a basic toolkit. Each chapter showcases a flowering plant, 12 in total. There’s also an excellent chapter on harvesting your flowers and how to display your homegrown seasonal arrangements.

If you don’t know you’re perennials from your annuals, Julia is here to help demystify the lingo. Her writing is accessible, friendly and relatable, everything that a beginner gardener needs. Petal Power is also a visual delight with stunning photography and design.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Koa Press, RRP $44.95


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