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People of New Zealand by Sam Moore

There’s no denying that New Zealand is a stunningly beautiful and unique country. It is also home to some very interesting characters. So, who are the people of New Zealand?

Sam Moore’s social media accounts, Ugly Ink, went viral when he started posted images of classic Kiwi stereotypes. Sam affectionately pokes fun at what it is to be a Kiwi these days, providing endless giggles and chuckles of recognition.

In People of New Zealand, Sam Moore showcases party animals, home bodies, classic Kiwi dads and quintessential Kiwi mums. Everyone can relate to the hilarious characters in this new book, including ‘Helpful Beryl’, dress code breaker, ‘Wedding Kane’, the rugged ‘Hilux Surf Drew’ and the forever helpful ‘Office Jan’.

Sam celebrates the mainstream, those who conform, those who don’t and every weird and wacky Kiwi in between.

I guarantee you will have fun assigning characters to family and friends, whether it’s a cousin who is Car Enthusiast Shae (complete with energy drink), an uncle who is Workshop Tom, a friend who is Road Warrior Craig, a husband who is Koru Lounge Regan, an aunty who is Expedition Mavis or Lunching Prue. There’s even a neutral character for those who are offended by drawings of fictional New Zealanders! Plus a page on Sam, the author.

People of New Zealand is a the perfect gift book for humour loving New Zealanders. Sam Moore won second place in a colouring competition in 1987 and is now a full time illustrator. When he’s not developing creative ideas for clients he enjoys eating food (especially Japanese and Korean) and patting dogs (not at the same time!). He lives in Christchurch.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Allen and Unwin, RRP $24.99