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One of Us by Kylie Kaden

“Two couples living the perfect life, but appearances are deceiving.” Cover taglines like this always pique my interest and I wasn’t disappointed as this story unfolded!

Everyday life is passing by until one day Gertie’s husband suddenly decides he needs a break and leaves her with their three children. Meanwhile, just a few streets away, Rachael discovers her husband has cheated on her (and not for the first time), while she’s pregnant with his third child. Thrown together by a chance encounter, Gertie and Rachael bond over their personal crises. But have either of the women been pushed too far?

When ambulance sirens blare on arrival to the affluent gated community, Apple Tree Creek residents are shocked to discover an act of violence. Why didn’t any of the security cameras, designed to keep them safe, reveal anything? CCTV reveals no outsiders visited the estate that night, which means the perpetrator must be one of their own. As the web of neighbourly relationships unravels and everyone’s inner lives are revealed, more questions are asked… but not everyone wants to learn the answers.

Kylie introduces each of the characters and expertly weaves their back story into the narrative. The more we learn about each of the family members, the greater the mystery becomes. I enjoyed the intrigue as I considered the meaning of community and the inequities of power and wealth. One of Us is a gripping page turner that kept me thoroughly engaged as the story unfolded. Kylie Kaden has delivered an addictive domestic thriller.

Australian author Kylie Kaden, is the author of Losing Kate, Missing You and The Day the Lies Began. Her favourite theme to explore is why good people do bad things. Follow Kylie Kaden online.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Pantera Press, RRP $32.99


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