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NZ 2050 by George Bryant

In this eminently readable book, George Bryant examines what our lives might be like in 2050. What will it mean to be Kiwi? What sort of people will we be? How will work and play change?

The book includes chapters on the environment, farming, health, religion, crime and punishment and new technology. George also looks at the rich/poor divide, the future of education, political correctness and democracy. He aims to ‘encourage readers to think about where we are going as a country.’

NZ 2050 is a fascinating and thought-provoking read. George has carefully researched history and current trends in presenting information in each chapter. At the end of the book, George examines the differences between an optimistic and pessimistic view of the world, and I agree when George says that ‘as human beings we owe to one another to do the best we can.’

Of course, any number of world events could change George’s considered forecasts in each area, but it is inevitable that in 2050 life will be different from now. So, this book prompts us all to consider what sort of society we want to live in the future.

George is one of New Zealand’s foremost writers on people in society, based on his experiences as a teacher, preacher, public speaker, politician and social worker. NZ 2050 is a well-researched gem of a book that will stimulate debate and encourage us to think about the future for us all.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

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