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Nothing More To Tell by Karen M McManus

YA Fiction has come a long way. Historically it was a watered-down version of more adult stories and themes, but now there is a whole plethora of adventures and perspectives that create more opportunities for young people to connect and engage with and more importantly, get reading. Among the stars of the YA Fiction genre is Karen M McManus. Readers of the genre won’t need any introduction to this writer, but for those who have not yet dabbled in the magic of the category, she is definitely a great place to start.

Specialising in youth issues and driven by wonderfully rich writing and weaving narratives, Nothing More To Tell satisfies every expectation for the reader looking for a wild ride with some twists and turns, and quality writing styles with realistic and authentic dialogue for a modern audience (the importance of which cannot be overstated).

As with her other books, the mystery element is at the heart of the narrative. Brynn and Tripp guide the story from their origins in Massachusetts and subsequent separation when Brynn’s family moved away. Now, the family are back in the home town of Sturgis, in fact, they are in their old house. But this time, one of the favourite teachers of the school, Mr Larkin - a man known for some rather interesting perspectives on education and life - has recently been found murdered. The body was found by three - and one of those three is Tripp.

The truth behind the murder then becomes the driving force for the novel. Sometimes shifting to a time before the death of Mr Larkin, and told from the host of characters who give small revelations along the way to keep the reader guessing and wondering exactly what happened that day in the woods.

Being no super sleuth, Brynn becomes the centre of the new subgenre of amateur investigator, the progression of which is logically organised and executed.

The book ends with the epilogue which serves to truly blow the reader away. As a reader of many YA fiction texts, there is honestly genuine surprise in this one - a testament to the skill of McManus and her writing style. Definitely, a ‘can’t put down’ status.

A highly recommended read, perfect to get those reluctant readers into something with intrigue, interest and excitement.

Reviewer: Chris Reed


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