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No Plan B by Lee Child and Andrew Child

Jack Reacher returns in a brand new gripping thriller! There's no mistaking Jack Reacher, described as ‘the coolest continuing series character’ by Stephen King. Reacher is a solidly built six foot, five inches tall and shuns consumerism. He’s even made it through more than two decades of the book series with merely a tooth brush and a single change of clothes!

Reacher is constantly moving, never putting down roots or creating lasting bonds with people he meets. Whether he's on the road, hitchhiking or in the city, adventure is never far away for the ex-Army MP.

In Gerrardsville, Colorado a witness reports a tragic event when a woman throws herself in front of a bus, clearly suicide. However, there were two witnesses and conflicting accounts. The other witness is Jack Reacher and he saw what really happened! Swiftly and silently a man in a grey hoodie and jeans pushed the victim to her death, before grabbing her bag and sauntering away.

Reacher follows the killer, not knowing that this was no random act of violence. It is part of something much bigger, a sinister conspiracy. Powerful people have concocted an elaborate plot that leaves no room for error. If any step is compromised, the threat will have to be quickly and permanently removed. But when the threat is Reacher, there is no plan B!

Naturally, Reacher finds himself unravelling the mystery as he embarks on an adrenaline fuelled adventure. No Plan B is classic Reacher and will have you turning every page in suspense!

Lee Child is a bestselling thriller writer who was fired from his job as a TV producer, aged 40 and decided to write a book. That book was Killing Floor, the first in the Jack Reacher series, which now numbers 23 titles. It is said that a Jack Reacher novel is sold somewhere in the world, every nine seconds! Andrew Child is the author of nine thrillers and is the younger brother of Lee Child.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Bantam Press, RRP $37.00


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