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No Home For A Wētā by Stephanie Thatcher

Wētā is sick of her crowded home in an old log even though it has a nice washing line, mushrooms all around, a warm fire and a swing. It is too noisy, so she sets off to find a new home. Join Wētā as she embarks on her mission. A letterbox, a kennel, a toilet roll in an outside toilet...where will she relocate?

This is another humorous book from author-illustrator Stephanie Thatcher. Her illustrations give a friendly look at one of our unique insects. Each wētā is full of personality and character - Wētā herself does a fantastic frown.

A page at the end of the book offers some age-appropriate facts about one of New Zealand's most recognisable creepy-crawlies.

There's some great print concepts Thatcher has included within the book. 'Concepts of print' are really important because they teach children how reading works and are viewed as the foundation to reading and writing. A double-page spread of Wētā's house that forces readers to rotate the book helps teach orientation, while the treatment of some text helps show punctuation, sentences and words.

Thatcher uses a rhyming text to set a fast pace, and tell a fun story. This is a perfect read-aloud, especially for those younger readers who sometimes wish for a better or different home. At its heart, No Home For A Wētā is a sweet story about family.

Reviewed by Rebekah Lyell

Scholastic, RRP $19.99


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