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Night Tribe by Peter Butler

Peter Butler’s newest novel Night Tribe brings together so much of what is great about young adult fiction: suspense, drama, excitement, and wonderful writing. The novel is a reminder of how good storytelling can be.

Set in quintessential New Zealand, the plot centres on Millie and Toby, struggling through the dense kiwi bush to find help for their mum who has broken her leg. Through their adventures they find themselves seemingly watched and tracked causing all kinds of suspicions and speculations - keeping the audience guessing as much as the characters themselves.

This immersive environment extends to the writing around the bush itself. Readers will find themselves venturing through the streams, over the hills and past the landmarks described in the novel as Millie and Toby slowly unravel a whole other worldliness to their travels.

On their journey, the fearless couple of explorers meet an unlikely bundle of characters with names like ‘Navigator’, ‘Claw’, and ‘Neck’ who help them find more meaning in the world around them, the Māori world, and themselves.

It’s the way the dialogue moves the story along that creates the realism and the interest for readers. Butler has a way of creating just the right amount of dialogue to bring the characters to life and to show appreciation for the world and its inhabitants. It’s a real talent of the writer.

In the end, it is the Night Tribe that will bring a lot to the surface for Millie and Toby, both positive and negative. It’s one of those YA books that you just know everyone in the family is going to want to read.

Overall, Night Tribe is a quality piece of writing that takes the reader on a journey of their own. It’s magical, immersive, funny and brilliantly paced for anyone who loves a darn goodyarn.

Night Tribe really is one of those stories that ticks every box for any lover of adventure stories.

Reviewer: Chris Reed

One Tree House


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