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My Winter Words Takurua by Christine Dale

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

It’s so fantastic when picture books don’t shy away from interesting and exciting vocabulary for our tamariki. It creates a love for words and a passion to learn more about descriptions and articulate ideas with more authenticity. Such is the case with the new picture book from Christine Dale and Kiwa Hammond.

In addition, the growth of te reo Māori has spawned a new generation of beautiful bilingual books that celebrate the bicultural environment in which Aotearoa sits. In this book, the authors have brought together some beautiful descriptive words in English (for example: Feel the wind, cold and biting) which helps to extend English vocabulary, and offers the reo version (ka rongo i te hau, hau makariri, hau ngau kiri) to assist with the learning here.

The photos are expressive and exciting with colourful tones and a range of scenarios covered throughout. At the back is a complete list of all the descriptors to help our tamariki to learn both languages concurrently with the help of a teacher. One can imagine how these adjectives and sensory connections can stimulate and add to the writing of young people.

It sits as part of collection created to celebrate words in both languages to describe elements of our land - the first being Raumati - My Summer Words. It will be fantastic to check out the other seasons as and when they are released.

Reviewer: Chris Reed

One Tree House


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