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My Bum’s On The Run by Dawn McMillan

The My Bum series has proved to be a force on the literary landscape in New Zealand children’s books, creating laugh-out-loud scenarios that bring joy to children and parents alike. Sharing the (mis)adventures of our courageous young fella dealt a pretty cheeky situation - that troublesome bum.

As per usual, the trusty illustrator Ross Kinnard comes through with the goods once again delivering a cracker of a story and a vibrant and colourful story.

In this edition of the story, we’ve got a race to win, and it’s vital to our hero that he finds whatever assistance he can to win this important race. Is it a jetpack to fire to the front? Is it balloons to soar over the competition? That’s a difficult choice to make.

McMillan manages to bring energy and excitement to her writing, despite a few iterations now from this series, it’s fantastic to see there is still a freshness to the stories and a continuing story to unfold.

Overall, another classic children’s text from the dynamic duo that has such a way with words and images and continues to inspire so many young readers.

Reviewer: Chris Reed



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