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My Big Moments series by Hannah Davison and Flicka Williams

From the time we’re born until the time we’re fully grown, we are shaped by life’s big moments.

My Big Moments comprises of a series of personalised picture books designed to help children cope with challenges, changes and milestones they may face.

The four books - Baby on the Way, Goodbye Comet, Ready for School, and The Hospital Trip - are designed to help start the conversation about how to navigate some of life's bumps in the road.

The authors work with a team of experts in child psychology, play therapy and neuroscience educations to write the books, aimed at children from two to seven-years-old.

By hearing the right words in the right moment, children discover that a tricky situation can become a positive, empowering one.

These books are beautiful. Parents can head to the My Big Moments to personalise the book - adding your child's name, gender-specific pronoun and choosing an avatar that best represents the young reader. From there a full preview is generated, before you can choose a format. The books are available in hardcover, softcover and a digital format, making the book more accessible and usable for a range of families.

Transitions in life are often misunderstood or not deeply recognised in a small child's life. For adults, it's easy to understand but little ones can feel overwhelmed, unheard and experience increased anxiety.

All four books touch on the transition - losing a family pet, visiting hospital, starting school, and welcoming a baby - in respectful, practical ways.

The authors don't pander to the reader, or talk down to the child.

The children in the stories have realistic worries and reactions. It is clear experts have been deeply involved in the creation of the stories.

Likewise, the solutions and ideas the adults present are solid. With a preschooler currently transitioning to school, the advice in the book is exactly what we have been told. We have also recently lost our beloved dog, and I wish I had Goodbye Comet to help us through that time. It isn't wishy-washy advice, nor brutal and blunt, but is perfectly pitched for the audience - young children.

A lovely touch too is the back of each book offers a page or two dedicated solely to the grown ups. Again, the authors don't belittle or talk down, they offer practical, realistic and easy steps to help.

All four books are beautifully illustrated and presented. Illustrator Marco Palmieri uses bright and bold colours, plenty of movement and a cartoon feel to keep the book light and engaging.

Personalised books are a huge help when talking with little people about difficult topics. Seeing themselves - quite literally - within the book gives little ones an increased sense of empowerment, ownership and sense of agency.

My Big Moments is a wonderful series that will absolutely help our little people navigate some big emotions and big changes.

Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell

My Big Moments, RRP from $19.95


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