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Mozart: The Man Behind the Music by Donovan Bixley

Donovan Bixley creates a literary picture book about the life and times of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart that is a visual feast with nearly 100 original drawings. Donovan very cleverly takes quotes from Mozart’s own letters, and he expands on these to vividly bring Mozart’s life to the page in this original and unique book. It’s a biography like no other. The drawings are the star of this beautiful book, but Donovan also brings Mozart to life with gentle humour in his engaging text.

Mozart is a fascinating musical genius, and it is wonderful to see his life in context to the wider world. It is clear that Donovan has done a lot of research when writing this book, taking us from the cradle to the grave, with Mozart dying of illness, aged only 35, after years of health problems. But what an extraordinary life Mozart led before his passing, and what a legacy to the world he left with his music.

As well as more than 100 children's books, Donovan Bixley is also the author of the very successful biography of William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Shakespeare. He is currently working on a book about Leonardo da Vinci, so I can’t wait to enjoy the next book in his literary picture book series.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Upstart Press, RRP $34.99


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