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Motive Games by L.D. Taylor

Motive Games by L.D. Taylor is a book that could fit into many categories. It is undeniably young adult, yet it is part thriller, part mystery, and part drama. The story is about Phil Roland, a young boy who has recently lost his father. Phil is sure that his dad’s death wasn’t an accident, like everyone said. Hundreds of people hated his dad, for different reasons. However, for Phil to find the truth, he has to push aside his own grief and go in search of it.

In Motive Game, Taylor has crafted a storyline that has intrigue, mystery, and emotion all wrapped up into one. When reading this book, the mystery surrounding Mr Roland’s death instantly rises up and grabs your attention. The characters, particularly the protagonist Phil, are relatable and easy to feel fondness for, and they all have little eccentricities that make their individual personalities shine.

Although Motive Games has a fabulous story line, the first few chapters were a bit disappointing. The plot was intriguing enough that you wanted to read on, but the writing and language itself was a little uninspired. A few chapters in, however, Taylor began to hit her stride, and the story really came alive.

Taylor’s Motive Games was overall a fun and quirky little book, which, if you can persevere through the opening chapters, is a cool mix of hi-tech danger, mystery, and drama.

REVIEWER: Kristen Nicholas

TITLE: Motive Games

AUTHOR(S): L. D. Taylor


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