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More from a Quiet Kitchen by Nici Wickes

With comforting and uncomplicated recipes designed for one or two people, Nici Wickes shares her passion for food, along with insights many face today, whether it be loneliness, self-esteem or the challenges of ageing. A cookbook with a difference, it helps others get the most out of life, in and outside the kitchen. The recipes are delicious, and the advice is honest and heartwarming.

There are so many standout recipes in this beautifully presented book, so here are just some of the recipes on offer:

  • Peas, pasta & cheese that serve one person generously. It’s so simple but just divine. And, of course, it's easy to double the recipe for a couple of people.

  • Feijoa & honey cake. Super easy to make and as suggested, a wonderful cake to share with the neighbours.

  • Pumpkin and potato gratin. This is a generous recipe for two, but it’s so fabulous that you probably won't have leftovers.

  • Corn and tomato fritters. These are super fun to make. It is a great, tasty treat.

  • Fish tacos. I agree with Nici; this is a dish to have once a week – at least!

  • Stuffed capsicums. This is perfect for two people, and you could easily double this recipe if you have a family.

This is a book for people who want to embrace life in the slow lane. It’s full of warmth and a great deal of heart. I’m a big fan of the cute cat in the book, too!


Iain McKenzie

Bateman Books


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