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Moose the Pilot by Kimberley Andrews

Pilot Moose lives up high in a treehouse and has a very important job delivering goods in his bush plane through sun, snow and rain. But on this day, his adventures are even more exciting than usual - three fluffy youngsters need his help.

This is the third book in Kimberley Andrews' stunning series, all set in the delightful world of Puffin the Architect. This book centres on Moose, whose heroic adventures will captivate readers young and old - especially fans of flying machines.

Andrews, a trained biologist and geologist, creates adorable double page spreads that readers will spend hours poring over. Her illustrations are a veritable feast - and, like her previous books, offer so much more to the story than if reading the text alone.

There's hints and clues, and plenty of character and setting development, nestled within the artwork. So too is Andrews's sense of fun - a peek inside Moose's home reveals an interesting to do list and a wonderful bookshelf.

Like Puffin the Architect and Hound the Detective, Andrews uses repetition in the text, building on from two main sentences to tell the story of Moose the Pilot. It's a fun book to read aloud, with plenty of opportunity to add theatrics to it.

Readers already familiar with Andrews's previous books will be delighted by Moose, and new readers will fall in love with the residents of Lofty Alps. We can't wait to see who Andrews takes to visit next.

Reviewed by: Rebekah Lyell

Picture Puffin, RRP $19.99


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