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Mischievous Milly by Nadia Lim

There's a new baby to care for on the farm. Milly is a mischievous goat who nibbles on clothes, gets through the fence and leaps over gates. She wants to play, escape and explore. Will she find a fearless friend to have adventures with?

This is the third book from celebrity cook Nadia Lim, based on a true story from her South Island farm, Royalburn Station.

This time readers are introduced to Milly, a cute little goat who causes mayhem as she searches for a friend to have fun with. The story utilises rhyme in a way that doesn't detract from the story, and Lim uses wonderful words that will capture attention - bundle, strutting, cosy cubby, craggy, for example.

Scholastic always produces books that are beautifully designed, with lots of interesting text changes that capture the excitement and help add to the fun when reading aloud.

Illustrated by Fifi Colston, the book is beautiful. Colston captures the antics of the animals perfectly. She gives the animals real personality - the illustration of Milly having to share with Lil Jimmy and Billy is brilliant.

Lim once again includes some fun facts to go along with the book, alongside some strawberry growing tips and a recipe for strawberry jellies. Family photos are also included to give readers a glimpse into Lim's life on the farm. Once again, Lim is donating her author proceeds to charities Huha and Garden to Table.

Mischievous Milly is a cute, fun story from a multi-talented author that will delight younger readers.

Reviewed by Rebekah Lyell

Scholastic, RRP $21.99


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