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Ming's Iceberg by Kiri Lightfoot

Ming lives in Antarctica and is curious to visit the place where the ocean meets the sky. She leaps onto an iceberg as it breaks away from the ice shelf. As the iceberg drifts into warmer oceans, it gets smaller and smaller. Ming is left all alone in the big blue sea. Finally, she is rescued by a friendly whale and delivered home. Her adventurous spirit is undiminished though as she ponders what's up there, where the mountain meets the sky. Enter Albert Ross, a friendly albatross she's befriended.

Full of adventure, drama and humour, author Kiri Lightfoot has created a story that is a joy to read aloud.

Following the adventures of little Ming the Emperor penguin, younger readers learn about determination, individuality, self-belief and exploration. It's nice to read a picture book that doesn't rhyme for a change. Lightfoot does include other poetic devices though, with lots of onomatopoeia to make it fun to read aloud.

Illustrator Kimberly Andrews, of Puffin the Architect series, has created stunning watercolour artwork to capture the magic of the Antarctic landscape. While the continent might seem stark and white, Andrews creates dramatic landscapes that really showcase the beauty. With a muted colour palette, Andrews still manages to capture the magic of an aurora, the many shades of ice and water, and gives each character plenty of personality.

A simple 'did you know' page at the end of the book offers readers a few facts about Antarctica and the three species you'll encounter in the story. Together with the story of Ming's melting iceberg, Lightfoot will help inspire the younger generation to love and care for Antarctica.

The ending of Ming's Iceberg makes it abundantly clear there is a second story about the plucky penguin in the works. I can't wait to see what adventure Ming encounters next.

Reviewed by Rebekah Lyell

Scholastic, RRP $19.99


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