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Medical Cannabis by Dr Shaun Holt and Emma Dalton

Do you know the difference between THC and CBD? If not, then this book is for you. Medical Cannabis ditches the medical jargon and provides an overview of its medicinal uses.

Next year, New Zealand faces a referendum about legalising cannabis for personal use. Meanwhile, medical cannabis is big business and many New Zealanders are simply confused between the two.

Medical Cannabis is a simple guide to using cannabis as a medicine, written by a leading New Zealand medical researcher. This book clearly addresses the misinformation surrounding the use of cannabis.

Shaun and Emma outline the history, science and latest research regarding cannabis. Importantly, they offer a balanced and unbiased view, highlighting both potential benefits and risks for a range of diseases and conditions.

“It helps with pain, nausea, vomiting, sleep, anxiety and is generally safe when used for medical purposes (not recreational). Further, it isn’t owned by pharmaceutical companies, it is relatively cheap and, depending on the upcoming law changes, may not require a doctor’s prescription,” says Dr Holt.

However, he also highlights harmful use, particularly the psychiatric risks from heavy or prolonged use of high THC cannabis in younger people and the respiratory risks from smoking it.

Medical Cannabis is a quick and easy read that will help New Zealanders and local health professionals make informed decisions about the use of medical cannabis.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy

Potton & Burton, RRP $29.99


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