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Max and his Big Imagination: The Race Car by Chrissy Metge

This is the fourth picture books of a series where a little boy, Max, uses his imagination to turn an ordinary object into, in this case, a racing car. In this picture book, Max’s mother gives him a ‘ huge, empty’ box to play with which he and his mother turn into a racing car. Max, wearing his bike helmet, imagines himself onto a car track and into a car race with a crowd cheering him on. This is a simple story aimed at encouraging children to create playthings from everyday objects and to use their imaginations to create their own stories. The illustrations are vivid and colourful and this series would appeal to younger, pre-school children. Other books in the series are The Beach, The Safari and The Sandpit and I see this as perfect series of books for parents and children to work through together to inspire creative play.

Reviewer: Paddy Richardson

Duckling Publishing, RRP $16.99


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