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Maori Made Easy 2 by Scotty Morrison

Scotty Morrison has used his language skills to produce yet another exciting book to facilitate the learning for students of Te Reo. Learning a second language broadens the mind and brings a deeper understanding of another culture.

Once again Morrison has produced a versatile resource which will enable beginners to build and develop their vocabulary and enhance their language use. He recommends readers to commit to 30 minutes a day to practical, meaningful language study. This user friendly guide is a companion volume to the hugely popular volume Maori Made Easy 1.

There is plenty of variety in the well set out volume. Content is relevant to present day activities, with answers to exercises presented at the end of the book. Samples are fun.

Sentence structures and tenses are clearly outlined. Sometimes these can be a problem for learners. Vocabulary lists are pertinent. The thirty minutes a day over thirty weeks should prove to be an easy and rewarding pattern to follow.

Scotty Morrison (Ngati Whakaue) and his wife Stacey are partly responsible for the recent resurgence of the interest in Te Reo. Night classes are numerous and classes large. The Morrisons are an example of young people who did not grow up with the language but were determined to learn to use it. Nowadays they both work in the media world as well as with Massey University.

Professor Scotty Morrison holds a Master’s Degree in Education and is also the Director of Maori Student & Community Engagement at Auckland’s Unitec Institute of Technology. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in developing confidence in Te Reo Maori. I value this second offering from Professor Morrison.

Reviewer: Sonia Edwards

Penguin Random House

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