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Making a Life by Melanie Falick

With contributions from over 30 people, Making a Life is a book about creativity, craftsmanship and community. The main theme of the book is the joy of working with your hands.

Author Melanie Falick asked two key questions when writing this book. Why do we do things by hand? And why do we make them beautiful? To answer these questions, she goes on a journey to meet quilters, shoemakers, painters, leather crafters, metalsmiths and other craftspeople. It’s a visually beautiful book that showcases many people and their craft.

Jessica Green, a modern-day Laura Ingalls Wilder, shares her love of weaving from her home in North Carolina. Annemarie O’Sullivan reveals how she makes baskets of all shapes and sizes. Maura Ambrose is proud of the many quilts she has made from her home in Savannah, Georgia, all part of her desire to slow life down. Kristine Vejar is on a mission to make the world a better place, and she is a proponent of naturally dyed fabrics. Peter Korn is an advocate for furniture craftmanship. Ann Ladson is an expert in making bespoke spoons. These are just some of the people featured in Making a Life.

Each person in the book has a generous interview with many colour photographs, so it’s an inspirational peak into these creative people’s lives.

Anyone interested in craft should pick up a copy of this beautiful book. It’s authentic, powerful and full of the joy of slowing down, creating something tangible and long-lasting.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Artisan, RRP $84.99

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