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Magic Beans: The Untold Story by Terrence Bull

Terrence Bull has been a marketing and business consultant for over 35 years, building from the ground up global companies and helping many people achieve their business aspirations, so he is well qualified to write a guide for anyone starting up or running a business.

But this is no boring business book. Magic Beans is woven around the fairy tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, and each of the ‘beans’ is an engaging chapter about crucial elements of business, including things like Vision, Brand, Cashflow, Systems and Control. The result is a page-turning narrative read where we take a journey with young Jack as he is taught about the twelve magic beans by the wise old man.

One of the key messages from the book is that building a business is much more than just creating a job for yourself. Another key message is to think long-term and dare to dream big! Readers go on an engaging journey with this book, learning crucial lessons to get their businesses on the right track.

Magic Beans is the book for anyone considering starting a business or who is in a business that needs some help. No capital? Struggling with debt? Lack of sales? Terrence Bull encourages people to change their mindset, look at critical issues and make positive changes.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Woo Publishing, RRP $35.00


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