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Lucy Bee and Soline by Anne Ingram

Lucy's friends have their career paths sorted, but fifteen-year-old Lucy is floundering. When she welcomes French exchange student Soline into her family home, she has no idea their friendship will lead to a visit to France and a discovery that will pave the way to an exciting career she's barely dreamed of.

Soline, wanting a change of scenery and adventure, travels to New Zealand. She's just settling in when her sister calls with sad news. With Lucy's help, Soline searches desperately for a way to prevent losing the home her family have lived in for generations.

The two girls' stories intertwine, as they discover if the past holds secrets and how important heritage is in making you who you are.

This is the third in the Lucy Bee series but is a complete story in its own right.

Told from both girls' points of views, the pair grow and explore together. Each character is likeable and charming in their own way, although sometimes it does feel like they're acting a little bit more mature than would be expected.

There were some parts that felt a little undercooked and perhaps a bit clunky. I loved how author Anne Ingram wove in turangawaewae and the importance of treasuring and protecting where you come from. I'd have loved to have had more New Zealand included in the story - Ingram's weaving of Patricia Grace's situation into the story was far too brief but hopefully sparks a desire in readers to seek out more.

Lucy Bee and Soline is a charming read that highlights the importance of family, the meaning of home, and the power of heritage and history.

Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell

White Gull Press


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