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Love Your Career Forever by Caroline Sandford

This is a must-read book for every adult in New Zealand if you are thinking about your career and how to make a change for the better and have a career that you will love.

Caroline Sandford is a professional career specialist who has helped hundreds of people throughout her twenty-year career. Now with this book, she can reach thousands of people with her practical and inspirational advice.

The book is divided into six sections. Part One is about you, the reasons for wanting change, if you have lost your job, if you are returning to paid work, your transferable skills, restructuring your life and understanding your influences. Part Two is about managing change – something most of us find stressful. Part Three is about reassessing your future and reflecting on your values and what is important to you. Part Four gets you to explore your options. Parts Five and Six get you into action mode and creating a new future. There are numerous exercises throughout the book to help.

Love Your Career Forever is the ultimate go-to book for everything you need, from preparing CVs and cover letters to planning a job search and preparing for interviews. But crucially, it gets you to identify what will make you happy in a career, considering your family commitments and other factors that will impact your decision-making.

Love Your Career Forever is comprehensive but easy to read and use. Get a copy if you are yearning to be happy at work – the steps may very well get you into your dream job that you will love forever.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Calico Publishing


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