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Lost in the Museum by Victoria Cleal and Isobel Joy te Aho-White

The museum is such a wondrous place for Pāpa that he ends up immersed in the world of the museum exhibitions. Now the rest of the family must try and get him back from, well, wherever he is. The museum treasures or taonga need to be searched in order to find him again.

With the help of the museum host and the magic of the pounamu within the museum, the family are transported to various places and times in New Zealand’s history searching for Pāpa.

Along the way they encounter the extinct Moa that is just enormous, but Pāpa is not there. They also return to the scene of the great John Britten breaking the speed record in the plains of Christchurch, but Pāpa is not there either.

The family head to all their favourite spots (all of which are exhibits at the museum so the connection is really clear throughout) and try to find a te hononga (a connection) with the special objects within the museum.

Using both English and te reo to guide readers through the museum, they finally find Pāpa in one of the most beautiful exhibits of them all…

Illustrated by Isobel Joy Te Aho-White, Lost in the Museum is a journey in the heart of New Zealand history and the joys of the National Museum of Aotearoa, Te Papa in Wellington.

A feel-good, exciting adventure story that is sure to create special memories for all who read it!

Reviewer: Chris Reed

Te Papa Press


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