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Little Hector and the Big Blue Whale by Ruth Paul

A small but daring dolphin, Little Hector swims out into the deep blue ocean. He meets many dangers – and an unlikely friend – and proves you are never too small to have big adventures.

From award-winning picture book creator Ruth Paul, this new series about New Zealand’s Hector’s dolphins is both informative and entertaining.

Little Hector is just little, but has a heart full of adventure. On his mission he meets many dangers, including his cousin the orca. However, his encounter with a giant of the ocean helps him appreciate just how special he his, despite his stature. It’s a charming, subtle story of friendship, acceptance and celebrating your uniqueness.

Paul had a big reputation to follow, her book I Am Jellyfish won best picture book at the New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults this year.

But Little Hector is a wonderful next release. We had great fun spotting characters familiar from I Am Jellyfish and Paul’s illustrations are both whimsical and accurate. Each page is a visual delight – with the text becoming part of the picture at times.

The inside back cover full of Hector’s dolphins facts will inspire more conversations. Little Kiwis will be keen to help look after our most precious marine environments and inhabitants.

Little Hector is part of a series about the Hector’s and Maui dolphins, the smallest and rarest dolphins in the world.

For our children to understand our place in the world, they need to see their world reflected back at them. Little Hector takes one small part of Aotearoa’s uniqueness and allows young readers to recognise the importance of our natural environment.

A cute wee book with an important message on many levels.

Reviewer: Rebekah Fraser

Picture Puffin, RRP $18.99


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