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Little Big Bully by Trace Moroney

Trace Moroney is passionate about children’s picture books with meaningful content, helping children in everyday situations. In her book, Little Big Bully, she takes on the subject of bullying.

The central character is being bullied at school. ‘Being bullied makes me feel hurt, scared, embarrassed, and very, very alone – and... I don’t know what to do.’

The book goes on to talk about what bullying is and how and why it happens. It talks about how it can happen at school, at home or club, face to face, over the phone or online on your computer. It gives many suggestions of what you can do, and there is even a fun Word-Eating Monster Activity at the back of the book.

Little Big Bully is sensitively written, with sound strategies for young children in this situation. It even offers guidance to the bullies to help them stop their behaviour. The illustrations and overall design perfectly complement the story. It is a must-read for all children that shows that 'it’s cool to be kind.’

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

EQ Publications


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