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Life Unplugged by Meleah Bowles and Elise Williams Rikard

Whether you want to stop mindless online scrolling, spend less time on your phone or unplug completely, Life Unplugged can help you break the digital cycle.

Refreshingly, the authors regularly use social media, play online games and binge-watch their favourite TV shows. Life Unplugged is a judgement-free zone, encouraging you to analyse your digital habits and identify areas for improvement.

“What did people even do before phones were smart and Netflix was a standard way to spend a Friday night,” they ask.

There’s no denying our daily lives are increasingly fast paced and most of us are constantly online. Today, you can literally answer every email the moment it hits your inbox, chat online and receive real time updates on anything.

The bad news is the constant connection is literally messing with our brains, disrupting sleep, contributing to anxiety and encouraging dependency. Staying tethered to your devices means you never have time to shut down your brain, they explain.

Life Unplugged guides you through your own digital detox to help you stay offline. It includes:

· Worksheets to keep you on track · Quizzes · Challenges to help you successfully detox · Journalling prompts · Tips and ideas to integrate other activities into your daily routine · Ways to boost your productivity

I have contemplated my own screen time and am more aware of the time I’m spending online and what apps I use the most. I have turned off notifications on several apps and we have several family rules guiding our device usage (including tech free spaces)!

Life Unplugged uses minimalism and mindfulness as foundations for decluttering our digital lives. I especially enjoyed the tips for maintaining a mindful relationship with technology. Aside from ideas on how to manage our online lives, I enjoyed reflecting on the offline activities, which I can better spend my time on.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Allen & Unwin, RRP $32.99


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