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Life in Flow by Kate Kendall

In the fast paced, busy world, the centuries old tradition of yoga is as relevant as ever. Renowned yoga teacher Kate Kendall explains how we can benefit from slower living and savouring experiences.

Life in Flow features four sections with practical instructions for slowing down, embracing joy and creating meaningful connections. Kate provides real-world tools and everyday rituals for living authentically, off the mat. This includes sequences and poses to bring yoga into your daily life.

Kate draws on the ancient practices of yoga, breathwork and meditation. However, what I liked most about Life in Flow is that it is a contemporary guide to living yoga on and off the mat. Her writing is easy to read, friendly, light-hearted and personal. In addition to sharing her own experiences she also features friends she considers to be ‘in flow’.

Kate’s book is accessible for those curious about yoga and mindfulness, as well as those who already practice.

Kate Kendall is the co-founder of Flow Athletic in Sydney. She is one of Australia’s most respected yoga teachers. Kate was on the fast track to career success in the advertising industry when she burnt out. She discovered yoga and credits her recovery to this, and mindfulness.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Murdoch Books, RRP $39.99


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