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Life Hacks for Cats or How to Train Your Human by Bean the Tonkinese

(Penned by Grant Dyson and illustrated by Ross Hamilton)

This charming gift-sized hardback is a delight! Written from the point of view of Bean the Tonkinese, this is a quirky and fun book that shows the world from a cat’s perspective. Bean gives advice on everything from picking your human and how to train them using several methods. I think all cat lovers have been on the receiving end of some of these:

  • The nudge and rub technique, whereby cats butt you and then rub against you, purring simultaneously. Bean says we are slow learners, so he urges cats to practise the nudge and rub as often as they can.

  • The tap tap method. Well, who hasn’t been woken up in the morning by a cat tapping your face?

  • Cat chat – Bean goes into detail about how cats can better meow and communicate with their humans.

  • Commandeering the middle of the bed and looking so comfortable, humans wouldn’t dare take you off.

Bean also imparts historical information from caveman and Egyptian times through to the current day. Bean also talks about hunting, stealing, scratching, where to poop, dogs and cats having an online presence!

Grant has done an excellent job with the text – it’s funny and will bring a smile to anyone who has a cat in the house. And the illustrations by Ross Hamilton are a delight and help bring the book to life.

(RIP lovely Bean – it was sad to learn that Bean passed away after dictating the manuscript to his human, Grant.)

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Bateman Books


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