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Lessons of a LAC March by Lynn Jenkins

Loppy the LAC, or 'Little Anxious Creature', always focuses his attention on what could go wrong and can't seem to stop worrying. Curly the Calmster is just the opposite and encourages Loppy to think differently. 

Along the way, Loppy, and the reader, are given simple, effective ways to reframe their thinking and learn the right words to reassure themselves when they're anxious or worried.

Giving children an understanding of their anxiety gives them empowerment, and learning that there is an alternative to constant worrying gives them relief. 

Lessons of a LAC is the first in a series of beautiful books, designed especially for the younger reader. As well as being a wonderful story, illustrator Kirrili Lonergan's gorgeous drawings make the story shine.

The very Dr Seuss-esque illustrations are highlighted by a simple three colour palette -- red, black, and yellow. However, the limited colours make Lonergan's work stand out. The characters are bold, and Lonergan does a fantastic job  to perfectly illustrate the various expressions of anxiety on a LAC, compared the serenity and peace of a Calmster.

Both the author and illustrator are passionate about giving children ways to think about and manage common emotional difficulties. Jenkins is a clinical psychologist, while Lonergan was a paediatric nurse. 

With this engaging book, adults can help support our next generation in learning to manage anxiety, and help children take crucial steps to understanding and dealing with their emotions. It’s a fun and innovative way of building resilience, a foundation that will not only benefit children now, but for the rest of their lives. This engaging picture book is much more than just a story -- it is an essential resource tool to help children manage their worries and anxieties.

Reviewer: Rebekah Fraser

HarperCollins, $19.99


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