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Late Life Adventures in London and Beyond by Annemarie Rawson

Updated: May 10, 2023

Following the success of her books My French Platter and My French Platter Replenished after living in France in her 50s with her husband, New Zealander Annemarie Rawson releases her new book, Late Life Adventures in London and Beyond, her latest adventures in her early 60s and another adventure for this couple with an obvious love for travel.

Written in her trademark friendly style, in her new book, Annemarie shares about living in Teddington in southwest London, soon making friends wherever she goes.

While sharing the beauty and history of the location, Annemarie also shares practical things that will be helpful for anyone else wanting to live overseas when they are older.

There is so much culture living in London, and Annemarie takes the reader on a tour of the famous city, with the British Museum, National Picture Gallery, Sky Garden, Osterley House, the Royal Academy, Tower of London, The Garden Museum and more locations enjoyed. London at Christmastime is especially magical.

Venturing further afield, Annemarie finds family roots in Glasgow; she sees Churchill’s home in Kent, spends a week in the Pézenas, has a memorable tour of the Andalucía region of Spain and has a fascinating time in historic Malta.

Late Life Adventures in London and Beyond is a fun and engaging read, written with a great deal of warmth and curiosity for all the places that Annemarie and her husband visit.

This is highly recommended for anyone who loves a great travel adventure book – whether to inspire your own adventures or to simply enjoy some armchair travel.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Annemarie Rawson Publishing


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