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Landfall 247

Landfall 247, the Autumn 2024 edition of Aotearoa’s prestigious literary journal, lives up to its reputation as a lighthouse for New Zealand literary content; a champion of insightful writing and artistic expression. Edited by Lynley Edmeades, this particular issue offers a rich mix of content which, ultimately, caters to a wide range of literary interests.

The issue opens emphatically, featuring the winning essay of the 2024 Charles Brasch Young Writers' Essay Competition. Emma Hughes' "Fourteen Robins" is a captivating piece, lauded for its sparse beauty and profound observations. Set in the waiting room of a sexual health clinic, the essay uses a seemingly mundane setting to explore deeper themes of violence, underage pregnancy, and health in general in a subtle yet impactful way. This inclusion highlights Landfall's commitment to nurturing new voices and providing a platform for emerging writers - as it has done for so many years.

An exciting new feature in Landfall 247 is the collaboration with the Nonfiction Lab at RMIT University in Melbourne. Three "conversational essays" explore the concept of "making space" in a broad sense. Each essay pairs a writer from New Zealand with a writer from Australia, fostering a unique cross-cultural exchange of ideas. This innovative approach promises to spark thought-provoking discussions and broaden readers' perspectives.

Landfall 247 maintains the connections with the stalwarts of the literature scene. Renowned writers like Fiona Kidman, Harry Ricketts, and Chris Tse share their works alongside those of promising newcomers like Kit Willett and Zephyr Zhang. This blend of experience and fresh perspectives ensures a captivating reading experience.

The issue isn't solely focused on the written word. Striking photography by Kate Vanderdrift, featuring the aftermath of Cyclone Gabriel, graces the cover and offers a poignant visual commentary. Additionally, artwork by Aisha Green adds another layer of artistic depth to the publication.

Landfall 247 is a meticulously curated collection that caters to a diverse range of readers. Whether you're drawn to established authors, hoping to discover new voices, or simply appreciate exceptional writing and art, this issue has something to offer.

Landfall 247 stands as a reminder of the vibrancy of New Zealand's literary scene.

Editor Lynley Edmeades has assembled an impressive array of content, showcasing established and emerging talent, fostering cross-cultural dialogue, and offering visual delights alongside thought-provoking prose. This issue is a must-read for anyone passionate about contemporary literature and art. Any marketer can’t help but see the 247 as having the solidus placed between the 24 and the 7, reinforcing the ongoing connection between ‘Landfall’, the entity, and Aotearoa New Zealand literature.

Reviewer: Chris Reed

Otago University Press


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