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Kitty Flanagan’s 488 Rules for Life by Kitty Flanagan

Over ten years ago, when I lived in Sydney, I attended a Kitty Flanagan comedy gig and have been a fan ever since. She is one of Australia’s best known comedians, who regularly appears on television, but spends most of her time touring doing stand-up comedy.

In her latest book, Kitty provides the antidote to every annoying little thing you can possibly imagine! Whether its co-workers reheating smelly leftovers, leaving a single piece of toilet paper on the roll or walking and texting, 488 Rules for Life is a guide to modern behaviour. It’s the thankless art of being correct. However, this is not a self-help book, because it's not you who needs help, it's other people, explains Kitty in her trademark style.

Inspired by the global bestseller, 12 Rules for Life, Kitty wrote a five minute segment for her regular television appearance. Kitty took issue with the fact that the author only had 12 rules. It’s madness, she says, because she has more than 12 rules, just for the bathroom! After the segment aired, Kitty kept being stopped by people wanting to know where they could buy this book, which didn’t actually exist. So she decided to do it for real. Kitty admits that not everyone will like all the rules, but she is sure everyone will like at least some of the rules.

Kitty Flanagan’s 488 Rules for Life is Kitty's way of making the world a more pleasant place to live. She includes rules for home, work, dining, dating, fashion, shopping and public transport. Kitty also delves into parenting, technology, travel and sport. Her special sealed sections are on point. What I liked most, in between tears of laughter, was the fact that Kitty gets as annoyed and outraged by the many of the same things I do.

This is an ideal read for Kitty Flanagan fans and rule enthusiasts alike, laughs guaranteed. You can also follow Kitty online.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy

Allen & Unwin, RRP $32.99


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