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Kindness by Kath Koschel

One never knows whether a book is going to impact them before reading it. Some are moved to tears, others to laughter, others to some kind of spiritual revolution through the words in the pages of favourite books worldwide. This one, Kindness, What surviving on the kindness of strangers taught me about perspective, connection, and happiness sat sad and languishing on the ‘to read’ book shelf due to being put off a little by the title. It felt like another self help book that just didn’t resonate. Oh how wrong one can be.

Kath Koschel is an Australian author who has been through hellish experience after hellish experience. Death of loved ones, serious medical incidents, one thing after another. Yet, despite the hardships that come along with unbearable emotional and physical pain, she found the strength to create something truly beautiful. Something that in this world of selfishness and materialism, showed the world that there is still hope for that magical gift that we can all show to one another, kindness.

Creating the ‘Kindness factory’ created an online community of millions around the world, sharing small but important acts of kindness and giving others hope that there are still good people out there. Then, Koschel puts it all to the test. She leaves home with little more than the clothes on her back, and does what can be described as one of those fall of faith tests where you fall back, hoping that those behind you will catch you. Except, there is no guarantee, there are no safety nets. She reaches out to communities, individuals, anyone that can help by showing a little kindness in a social experiment like no other - how far can you go.

The inspirational stories that come from this part memoir, part motivational story are phenomenal. And well written. Koschel has an effortless command of the writing and demonstrates that there is much to be thankful for, in a world where fear seems to be around every corner.

Experience, they say, is what you get directly after you need it, and in this book Koschel really does demonstrate how much can be learned from her experiences and taking on some of the tips and tricks are bound to leave the reader feeling both inspired and uplifted.

There is no doubt that this book should be on the reading list of any readers of this website. It is filled with golden threads that assist and inspire even the most curmudgeonly of individuals. Give it a go, it will do great things.

Reviewer: Chris Reed

Allen & Unwin


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