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Kid-Friendly Adventures - Auckland: The Ultimate Family Guidebook by Ceana Priest, Outdoor Kid

Auckland may be constantly depicted on the TV news as an endless stream of traffic stuck on the motorway, but fortunately, like the rest of Aotearoa, its natural attractions are outstanding and plentiful: ancient volcanoes, bush-clad hills, sea caves, pest-free bird sanctuaries, wetlands, islands… One of the things I love about Tamaki Makaurau is that I’ve lived here for just over two decades but I still find new places to explore. And this guidebook has helped highlight dozens of new gems I was previously unaware of. Not only that, it’s extremely user-friendly: from the easy-read format to the enticing scenic shots on every page to the contents page which doubles as a checklist for your adventures.

There are summary boxes with a key for each activity, which indicate facilities (is there a loo?), accessibility (will my pram end up stuck in the mud?), and duration (will I need to piggyback my toddler for the last leg?).

There are also highlights for each region of Auckland - Central, West, East, North, South and the Hauraki Gulf - and round-ups of the best bike rides, splash pads and playgrounds. Somehow the book also squeezes in great info and pix of local flora and fauna, as well as some nature-related Te Reo to try.

A must-have for every Auckland whānau.

Reviewer: Stacey Anyan



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