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Keep You Close by Karen Cleveland

Keep You Close is the hotly anticipated new thriller from Karen Cleveland, featuring FBI internal investigator Stephanie Maddox.

Although Stephanie has her dream job, she has worked hard for nearly two decades and made many personal sacrifices. A single parent, Steph has missed many moments with her now teenage son, Zachary, but would do literally anything to protect him.

However, one day she is shocked to discover a loaded gun hidden in his bedroom closet. Then a colleague on the domestic terrorism squad arrives at her front door wanting to talk about Zachary. Is it possible that her son, who she desperately loves has become a person to fear? Chillingly, Steph begins to realise the truth that her own son may be dangerous. Who will she protect, her son or those around him?

Karen expertly explores the emotional distance between parents and teenagers by overlaying conspiracy and paranoia themes. Keep You Close is packed with unexpected twists and the adrenaline fuelled story telling had me turning the pages at rapid pace.

Karen Cleveland worked for eight years as a CIA analyst, focusing on counterterrorism and worked briefly at the FBI.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Bantam Press, RRP $37.00


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