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Kea: Curiouser and Curiouser by Annemarie Florian and Alistair Hughes

Kea: Curiouser and Curiouser is a striking and engaging picture book for young readers that features the curious and intelligent kea. The kea is a parrot that lives in alpine areas, and they are well known for their capacity for learning and problem solving. They are also social birds who enjoy interacting with visitor to national parks and their cheeky antics can be both challenging and endearing.

Kea alternates between a first-person story from the kea’s point of view and a fact-based story that gives loads of information about their habitat and characteristics.

The illustrations are a delight and add another level to this attractive book, and the attention to detail is very well done and brings the kea wonderfully to life.

This is a fabulous book for children of all ages that will teach them a lot about this iconic New Zealand parrot. Young readers will discover why the kea is a national treasure.

This is Annemarie Florian’s seventh book for younger readers, while this is Alistair Hughes third book.

Reviewed by Karen McMillan

Published by New Holland


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