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Katipo Joe: Wolf's Lair by Brian Falkner

In this series' third World War II adventure, Joe (Katipo) St George is back centre stage as a British spy deep undercover in the Nazi spiderweb. He's so deep undercover that he's considered a possible successor for Adolf Hitler.

Joe is part of a group of teenagers travelling with Adolf Hitler and his closest advisers. They travel on Hitler's armoured train to Wolf's Lair, a secret headquarters in an East Prussian Forest. Joe's mission? To kill Hitler, and Joe is determined to use all his skills to complete his task. But the odds of successfully killing Hitler are against Joe, and it puts his own life at risk and also the people he cares about.

This story has everything! Drama, love, tragedy, betrayal, courage, survival and harrowing sacrifice. It's a gripping, page-turning read, made even more tense reading about many real-life events and real people, which include Heinrich Himmler, the leading architect of the Holocaust. Martin Bormann, Hitler's private secretary. Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Propaganda. Hermann Goring, Reichsmarschall of the Third Reich. Even Evan Braun, Hitler's companion and (briefly) wife, appears in the novel. But it is Joe and his teenage friends, particularly the lovely and resourceful Sofie, who take centre stage.

Well-researched and written in a page-turning style, Brian Falkner has created an exceptionally compelling novel for young people and adults to experience a fictional story that also manages to bring the many aspects of World War II to life.



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