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Jason Mason by Jason Gunn and Andrew Gunn

The name Jason Gunn is synonymous with entertainment. He graced our screens and filled our afternoons and Saturday mornings with humour, good natured banter, and a level of skill that rivalled some of the great international entertainers. He was a Kiwi’s Kiwi, someone who exemplified the spirit and humour of our nation’s greatest.

Now, he and his brother Andrew (a name also extremely well known behind the scenes of such classics as What Now! As well as a host of other TVNZ projects aimed at young people) have teamed up to created a New Zealand secret agent story by New Zealanders, for New Zealanders. Enter Secret Agent Jason Mason and the world’s most powerful itching powder.

With everything from a typically understated Kiwi hero, through to actually funny scenarios and jokes and cameos from some great New Zealanders - including the Prime Minister - Jason Mason has something for everyone.

Written in that almost ubiquitous drawing slash text style aimed at young people from about 8 upwards, the level of writing certainly fits well in that upper primary, intermediate level of school - and it will clearly become a favourite amongst boys with its swashbuckling action, and cheekiness throughout. Even year 9s will get a kick out of the adventure component of the book.

One may even learn a thing or two about everything from geography to trigonometry as Jason Mason uses all kinds of theories and operations to solve the mystery of this powerful itching powder.

Everyone always wants to root for the hero, and Jason Mason is the exact type of Kiwi legend that our young people need in their lives. Quintessentially Kiwi, full of localised knowledge and strong references to te ao Māori, this feels timely, effective and highly engaging.

Out just in time for Christmas, it’s sure to be a stocking favourite, and a favourite among readers young and old in no time. A must read for summer!

Reviewer: Chris Reed

Bateman Books


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