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Island Toes - Tamatama'i Vae o Motu by Christin Lozano

Toes are toes wherever you go, but toes around the Pacific Islands have even more things in common. They may be flipper toes or jandal toes, clean toes or highchair toes, snorkel toes or swimming underwater toes - all around the Pacific you know that you have island toes. This colourfully illustrated book takes young readers on a journey around the South Pacific — no shoes needed! It's a very fun read, with author Christin Lozano, a teacher, nailing the pace and rhythm. It's an absolute delight to read aloud.

This fully bilingual book has been translated for Samoan readers by Auckland teacher Suzie-Jo Rasmussen. It's fantastic to see more and more children's books being translated into Samoan, making stories more accessible for our younger generation. I'd love to be able to listen to a recording of the story, or watch a video, to help with pronunciation - perhaps a project for a teacher keen to share their skills and knowledge with others.

Illustrator Mariko Merritt captures toes in all their glory with simple, yet distinct, artwork. There's some great design features within the pages too that adds to the fun, including text colour and design, and some pages included for children to add their own toes to.

The New Zealand edition of this hit Hawaiian book, Island Toes - Tamatama'i Vae o Motu, is a super fun celebration of difference and the adventures our toes get up to.


Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell

Oratia Books


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