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Inexpressible Island by Paullina Simons

Inexpressible Island is the final instalment in the moving ‘End of Forever’ Saga, which follows the passionate love affair between Julian and Josephine though many lifetimes.

In this third book, we learn that Julian has failed in his attempt to save Josephine, and he is back in London in modern-day times, a broken man. He has given everything he has to his quest to save her. He has lost everything he has ever loved, and his body is a broken mess. Amputated fingers. A weakened heart. A broken nose, a cracked collarbone, a concussion, numerous fractures and cracks. But when he finally recovers, he must make the decision. Does he attempt to go back one more time to try and save the love of his life, or does he try to move on in his life mourning her loss? But it turns out that going back in time one more time – this time to the worst of the Blitz in London in the Second World War – is not all he can do. For even a man who has lost everything, there is still has something left to lose and one more gamble he can take in this struggle against death.

Paullina Simons once again proves herself to be novelist that captures you emotionally, with a multi-layed plot and well-drawn characters that will tug at the heartstrings. The third in this series proves to be the best yet, and while I can’t give away the ending, I think it is one of the best endings I have ever read in any book in my lifetime. In the author’s expert hands the story goes in a direction that is at first unexpected, but when you arrive there everything leads you to this place.

Inexpressible Island is a masterful novel, of epic proportions, with an incredible, extraordinary love story at its core.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan



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