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Indul-gent by Jeff Lack

“A complete style guide for the modern man,” the sub-title reads, and that is exactly what this useful little book is. Not the latest fashion tips, but something a little more considered and longer lasting.

Jeff Lack has worked in fashion for 25 years and been a freelance fashion stylist for the last ten. He encourages men to aspire to their personal best, being proud of what they wear and who they are. The book is as much about credibility and exposing your personal brand, as it is about what to wear.

Jeff Lack’s fashion mantra is “Fit Style Colour”. To help you with this there is a colour feature with several photos of jacket, shirt and pant combinations in a variety of colours. Some will work for you, some definitely not. I will not be rushing out to buy a mix of silver, grey and lime green, but it is great to see what the mixtures look like.

There are some helpful tips on care for your clothes, and no that doesn’t mean being careful how you throw them on the floor. Washing lights and darks separately is obvious, but putting jeans in the freezer for a couple of days is a new one on me.

Indul-gent has a great list of wardrobe essentials, such as a black shirt that can be mixed with a suit or shorts or chinos. One of the best suggestions is a navy blazer that can be dressed up or down and mixed with a multitude of outfits. Lack recommends you buy one or two good pieces, spend a bit extra and get quality items that will last you for years.

There are a few pearls of wisdom for the wannabe fashionista, such as “your business wardrobe is about looking the business” and “casual Friday is not really that casual – make an effort”. It had never occurred to me that you can use your wardrobe to change your shape – light pants and dark tops will make a short man look taller and dark pants and light tops will shorten a very tall man.

Lack ends the book with several interviews with various friends and fashion experts, all of whom discuss the personal style. All you need to do is find your own and be yourself.

And ladies, if you have strayed into the Bloke’s reads section, this little book might just be a perfect gift to “up-style” your man.

REVIEWER: Marcus Hobson

TITLE: Indul-gent

AUTHOR(S): Jeff Lack

PUBLISHER: New Holland

RRP: $34.99


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