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I Will Make You Passionate About Exercise by Bevan James Eyles

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

From its bright cover to the content inside, I Will Make You Passionate About Exercise is a book that will change many people’s lives for the better.

Bevan is a fitness expert who has written this book to help the many people who currently don’t have exercise in their life to make the change to get off the couch and move. The book offers an achievable 10-step plan to get you exercising, with the aim of laying the foundations so you will create a lifetime love of exercise.

The benefits of regular exercise are well documented – it’s not just good for us physically but also mentally and socially. Through helping thousands of people, Bevan has devised a plan for the ordinary person. No gruelling 6-week plan, no expectations to become a high-performance athlete or a programme that just sets the average person up to fail because it is much too hard. Instead, Bevan starts with simple baby steps that aim to foster a genuine love of exercise, with plenty of tools to help achieve his goal – people exercising regularly and looking forward to exercising.

Written in a friendly, accessible style, I Will Make You Passionate About Exercise is both practical and inspirational, with plenty of great advice to keep people moving. I enjoy that Bevan tackles the common reasons that most people give up exercising and gives realistic strategies for learning to love exercise.

Go get a copy for yourself or a friend! This is such a positive, empowering book.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Mary Egan Publishing


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