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I’ve Broken MY BUM! And other stories by Dawn McMillan

This book is really such a lot of fun. The three stories are hilarious and told with a sense of cheekiness. As any parent knows, great children’s books work on two levels, they have that little something special for adults to enjoy as they read it with their young ones. All three of these stories have that something special about them, meaning lots of laughter for parents, teachers, and young people alike.

I’ve Broken MY BUM! is taken from the international best seller ‘I Need a New Bum’ and is really summed up in the title. Our main character is in a spot of bother with the breaking of his behind. What better way to fix the problem than with the old trusty glue on hand. But, in an attempt to fix the problem, he creates a new one in that the tray that the bum is drying on, is also stuck fast. How is our hero to manage but to begin sledding around the place meaning soon everyone else wants a sled bum too!

Mr Spears from Mister Spears and his Hairy Ears has a problem, his ear hair is constantly growing to the point where the only option is to use it as head hair. It certainly helps to create the most funky hairstyles around. It isn’t long before he uses his ear hair to full effect with his band ‘The Earbashers’ and tour the country. Taking what seems like a problem and turning it into something new and exciting really is the message of this brilliantly funny story.

In the final offering for this collection, Charlie and his amazing tales, our main character is the ambitious and boisterous dog, Charlie. Only trouble is that Charlie tells tall tales. He loves to tell all sorts of stories about where is has been, and what he can do. The only trouble is that none of them are true. That doesn’t stop him being a lovable new pet though. He may be cheap, but he is sure to be loads of fun.

These stories are fantastic, they are well written, well drawn and really cohesive as a unit. They bring hours of fun as young people want to read them over and over again.

Reviewer: Chris Reed

Oratia Books


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