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I Quit Sugar: Simplicious, by Sarah Wilson

I’ve been a convert to Sarah Wilson’s way of thinking since the very beginning of her I Quit Sugar journey. I must confess these days I eat a lot more sugar than I’d like, but I appreciated her wisdom and recipes right from her first book I Quit Sugar.

Over the years Wilson has refined her recipes – whereas the first book seemed dairy heavy and relied on eating carbs in order to cut down on sugar, and at times the recipes were complicated, Simplicious is in favour of simpler, delicious recipes that are sugar free, and a large percentage are dairy free too – no surprise with the paleo craze in full swing. All recipes can be made without gluten.

Simplicious is attractively presented with handwritten notes and mouth-watering photos, and best of all, it’s jammed pack with tips to make your life simpler. With a firm focus on eating whole foods, my favourite section is on flow – how to prep masses of food and have nutritious meals ready to go. There are great ideas on new ways to use up leftovers bits and bobs like quarter of an avocado and that rind of rock-hard parmesan we all have sitting in the freezer.

There are slow cooker recipes, kombucha and other ferments, meals like nana made, a small section of sugar-free treats, breakfasts firmly outside the square (bacon granola anyone?) and even a section with a sugar-free Christmas feast. This is a well thought out recipe book. I’m enjoying trying the recipes so far and I quit sugar Simplicious will be a valuable addition to any kitchen.

REVIEWER: Heidi North-Bailey

I Quit Sugar: Simplicious, by Sarah Wilson is published by Macmillan


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