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I Love Mondays by Jess Stuart

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

It turns out I'm one of the lucky ones as I love my profession, but in Jess Stuart's new book, I Love Mondays, she reveals that out of the world's one billion workers only 15% are engaged in their work. That means a massive 85% of people are unhappy in their jobs.

Thankfully Jess has loads of great solutions for those stuck in a job they don't like. Broken down into easy-to-digest chapters, Jess tackles the problem head-on. Firstly, examining what is wrong with your current job and how to find a job that you love that aligns with your skills, values and purpose.

She also looks at possibly no longer working the nine-to-five model and how leadership at work can impact on our happiness there. She addresses the issue of work-life balance.

Jess includes case studies from 20 people who have found a new job that they love and shows how you can make the change to a career you will value as well.

Jess Stuart is an author, coach and international speaker who previously worked in Human Resources. She brings a wealth of experience to I Love Mondays. We all know the Boomtown Rats song, so how amazing if you can be one of the few who leaps out of bed in the morning with energy and purpose instead.

Inspire Publishing,


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