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I am Jellyfish by Ruth Paul

Jellyfish is quietly crooning in the shadows, when knife-nosed Swordfish swooshes, races and chase her down, down, down into the dark blue sea. At that moment, stealthy squid stretches a tentacle, tussling and tossing Swordfish in the darkness. Who will help? What will Jellyfish do?

Written by award-winning picture book author Ruth Paul, this is a sweet and captivating bed-time story. The language is rich and evocative of the deep blue sea, and the illustrations are absolutely stunning.

I Am Jellyfish has a beautiful rhyme and rhythm that begs you to read it aloud. Not only does it sound great read aloud, it has a gorgeous storyline where Jellyfish learns of her own ability. 

It's also a book jam-packed with fabulous print convention practice. Print conventions are all the parts of reading that come naturally to those of us who have been reading for years. But for beginning readers, we have to learn them. They include seemingly simple things like reading from left to right, punctuation, capital letters, different font sizes. In I Am Jellyfish Paul forces the reader to turn the book sideways to read it, wonderful use of font, style and size within the pages. These clever additions led to interesting learning conversations with my children.

This wonderful picture book has an extra special addition - take it into a darkened room to really appreciate it. There'll be no arguments about lights out with this bedtime story. A clever, captivating story that will delight even the smallest of readers.

Reviewer: Rebekah Fraser

Picture Puffin, RRP $19.99